Tuned Up’s Field Guide to Audiofeed (and Schedule)

By Ryan G

Audiofeed is coming up fast! Here’s a field guide of sights and sounds you are (almost) guaranteed to see:

Kevin Schlereth – Traveling songwriter dude. Usually can be seen in a band tee and red swim trunks. Perpetually touring.

Destroy Nate Allen – Everyone’s favorite partying folk punk duo. Watch out – Tessa might come for you to involve you in their set!

Good Saint Nathanael – The sad alter ego of Nate Allen. Poignant tunes.

Joel Swanson – The TigerRawk amateur videographer himself. An unassuming guy but always down for a deep conversation. Can often be seen around Leper and with a camera tripod. Speaking of which…

Leper – “This next song is about death.” That tagline is an ongoing joke amongst fans – and also the truth. Goth rock. You will never see Skot without his trademark veil. 

Insomniac Folklore – This trio fuses folk, cabernet, doom, and some rock influences in a memorable Pacific Northwest output of tunes. They usually perform multiple sets – one for children/families and one dark, late night set. Frontman Tyler Hentschel can also often be seen showing off the family’s pet tortoise.

Spoken Nerd – An annual favorite, this hip hop artist is here to bring the nerdcore and remind us that “Being a Big Guy Ain’t All That Bad.” He also loves hackeysack, pinball, and has an epic beard.

Harry Gore – More than a hashtag (if you know, you know), this gregarious dude is here to plug in and shred whenever and wherever. 

Billy Mays III aka Infinite Third– Yes, the son of THAT Billy Mays. He is known for interactive ambient performances and compositions.

Cindy Conley – Everyone’s rock and roll mom you never knew you had. Simultaneously outgoing and reserved. Content to watch a hardcore mosh pit with a smile on her face, completely unfazed. She also took THAT video of The Devil Wears Prada performing “Texas is South” on a generator stage at Cornerstone.

Flatfoot 56 – The beloved celtic punk group sets up their tent to the east of the Black Sheep Stage for the entirety of the weekend. They close out the weekend with a rowdy and wholesome set that will make you laugh and cry.

Mama Linda – Going back to the Cornerstone years, this lady cooks for touring bands. If you manage to eat a hearty meal in the hospitality area (but don’t go back there if you aren’t on staff), thank her!

Ninjas – Beware. The annual gathering culminates in a morning of fun on Sunday. Don’t ask me the rules.

Pinball – Come to the Radon Lounge for some vintage pinball hangs.

Last but not least… our own TUNED UP LOUNGE. Stop by for snacks, hangs, interviews, photos, and some N64 in the Radon Lounge.

There’s also a dude who always dyes his beard lime green. I have no clue what his name is. 

Check out the full schedule below:

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