Volbeat – Servant Of The Mind

By merging rock with heavy metal, Danish band Volbeat diversify the way we can listen to music. The exuberant outfit, blast through the cobwebs of old with their record Servant Of The Mind, which is a collection of hard-hitting, often melancholic tracks, bursting to see the light. Lead by the enigmatic Michael Poulsen, the act fire up the music scene yet again, triggering thoughts and feelings.

Servant Of The Mind has those technical guitar parts wielding an engrossing sound, those tricks and flicks, those well tuned sonic features. And the band know their way with an instrument, providing their talents like golden opportunities. From the start to the finish, Servant Of The Mind’s gracious commentary also tells us a story of broken memories.

It is a sound to savour. At moments, the trickery becomes highlights, dreams, times to consider. The band is immensely talented, forcing their way into the big arenas and stadiums, and their sound will invigorate whoever watches on. Turning heads is what bands and artists need to do. They need to play and write music which resonates and breaks norms. Volbeat has done so here.

The truth in this album is startling as well. The lyrics tell tales of personal demons, hope being smashed into intricate pieces, the world teetering. And it has to be told through statements, lyrics and beyond. This opus doesn’t flounder at any moment. It gains strength with every push and pull, with every chime and song.

Temple Of Ekur starts the record off in fine form. The rock influence merges well with the metal sounds. The vocals are tuned to perfection and the lyrics tell us those stories of unrest. Such a supreme sound. Say No More again starts hard and fast, committing to the metal sound once more, serving up breakneck moments. The Passenger commits to a punk sound, and the chorus evolves, pushing the boundaries of what can be done.

Volbeat has created an engrossing album, one not bitter, but one thought-provoking.

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