Well Read – Daysleep

Well Read makes lo-fi bedroom pop. This is apparent in the band’s visual aesthetic, which consists of images of intimately depressed bedroom scenarios. It’s palpable from the band’s sound, which oozes over you like a wave of sound alerting you that everything will be alright in the end. And it’s most obviously manifested in the way that bandleader Seth Tew presents the project, calling it “lo-fi indie synthwave shoegaze” and “emotions with music from a bedroom in Ohio.” With an upcoming EP promising and already brimming with Tew’s self-proclamations, the third single, “Daysleep,” is the one that most aligns with what Well Read musically strives to delivers to its audience.

From the first key stroke, “Daysleep” is already running at full force. With elements of video game soundtrack and 8-bit music seeping through a tad, the new Well Read single is equal parts entertaining as it is mysterious. At its core, “Daysleep” encapsulates the feeling of taking a nap after a hard day’s work and being awaken by the dark blues of the evening and night. Themes of tiredness may run strong throughout Well Read’s discography and imagery, but “Daysleep” is most definitely not a track to sleep on. 

Well Read also likes to associate the feelings in its music to specific colors. “Daysleep” fell into the blue category, which can be found to be extremely fitting after listening to this vibrant track. The synths and guitars shine like a bright blue sky, but the matching lyrics have a more pensive mood to paint. It comes more from a place of brooding in your bed. On the track, Tew sings, “But I’m exhausted/So I timed my jump but still missed/Tripped up the stairs, gripped the carpet.” At times, the song truly makes you feel like you’re watching a bright day go by from the inside of your home. 

A three-minute video titled Blue pre-accompanied the release of “Daysleep.” Unfinished sentences and a nap define the first two-thirds of the visual before you hear the synthy plunks that lead off “Daysleep.” At one point, Tew makes definitive remarks about their feelings regarding dark blue, saying, “The color is warm and inviting. Like a blanket. Full but hazy.” That’s exactly how “Daysleep” sounds.

The previous two Well Read singles – “My Room” and “Suburbs” – will also be included on the forthcoming EP, which hits streaming services on August 25. Sink to the Curb will also come with two new tracks. And if they’re anything like “Daysleep” or the previous two, be prepared to get into your feelings with some true Midwest indie-emo pop. The exquisitely fragile bedroom ruminations have been strongly represented thus far, so it’s fair to assume that the EP later this month will deliver in the same regard.

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