when the clock strikes – i hope that you feel loved

Pop punk sounds and rebellious lyrics come together on this well rounded EP from When The Clock Strikes. The band fight for empathy and clarity in a world that lacks these at this precise moment, and they look for change as their own world becomes unfocused. Although pain riffles through this EP, the band is capable of rising above it all, and their music has the power to generate truth.

Pop punk music has become somewhat bloated over the years with many bands trying to outdo one another. The umbrella isn’t big enough to cover all these acts, and a substantial amount usually gives up at the first hurdle. When The Clock Strikes has persevered, and their melancholic music may not lift the spirits, but what it does do is tell us impactful stories through well-crafted lyricism.

Lyrics are often an afterthought within the world of pop punk. But this band has brought them to the forefront, and they’re wonderfully placed. They’re also intelligent and concise, and they play a massive part in the progression. Throughout the EP the music becomes more lively too, and the sadness still ingrains every part, though we expect that from this sombre, but talented outfit.

There are 5 songs on this EP. Make You Care begins with a solid riff and hard percussion. It’s a driven and technical start, and the vocals rush like thunder. Moving Boxes opens softly, and it doesn’t derail the sadness, and the band does not cover over the cracks. The riff adds dexterity, and this song shows lyrical adeptness. Shoot The Moon offers more technicalities, and there’s rage here burning and burning until everything spills over. The chorus is intense and the lyrics are thorough.

When The Clock Strikes lift pop punk up and do not let anything faze them.

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