Youth Fountain – Keepsakes And Reminders

Relishing the shine of a significant light doesn’t appeal to this artist. Though he tries to break away from the storm; he knows that pain comes in waves. Vancouver’s Youth Fountain make music that portrays emotion through loud, throat ripping vocals and poignant lyrics which tell tales of hardship and modern obstacles, burdens that cut deep. These problems weigh heavily on the shoulders, and they affect every minute on this earth.

Keepsakes And Reminders isn’t a fantasy or a foray into beautiful worlds. It does what it sets out to do, and that is to tell stories. And the artist has made this album to engage with their fans while channeling angst, breakneck instrumentals, and emotion. Sometimes, the music comes off as ferocious and unnerving, but it challenges perceptions.

Seeking out happiness can become a challenge in itself. Tyler Zanon knows the grind. He has embarked on playing music, resonating, symphonic, music which shouldn’t be understated. And Keepsakes And Reminders ventures into sadness more so than not, colliding with lyrics of self-loathing.

The album is also a melodic push. And these songs can empower and they give pop punk a needed imputes. Emotion has become pivotal in pop punk’s worthwhile scene too, and this album doesn’t differ or fall away from emotional truth.

My Mental Health opens the record. It’s a subtle intro until the guitars stab through. The pop punk style shows its worth. Lyrically, it boasts poetic lines, and these lines are drenched in melancholy. Century catapults the band into poppy territory, with riffs galore, and angsty lyricism peeling it away from the norm. Aimless is a thumping track. It’s pop punk in its heart, and the band keeps the fire burning, only just.

Youth Fountain does not venture too far into different styles, but what he does is wake up pop punk with adrenaline fused songs and emotional twists and turns.

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