youth league – somehow those were days

Blunt observations are filtered through this release. Heartbreak and tested strength become interwoven into 8 songs, and this band tries to piece together the past, and they try to escape the shackles of mundanity. It’s a grand slam of a record too, and one which offers so much for the listener to reflect on, with driven anecdotes and thrilling sequences studded into the whole experience. Youth League is this act, totally in tune with realism and the pain it can bring, the agony it can represent.

The sound can be ferocious, and the guitar parts excel here, and the instrumental balance and composure is second to none, giving the listener a plethora of sounds to enjoy. There’s plenty of technical contributions too, and the band is superb at diversifying their music while being sincere and compassionate. There isn’t thunder here, nor are there loud, unnecessary sounds, but chimes that mean to be there, that deserve to be implemented into this remarkable LP.

Firstly, the band balance everything out with melodies and harmonies, and then those stripped back vocals enlighten at moments. And although there isn’t much vocalisation on this record, the times when they do appear, they add a different dimension.

Lakewood starts the record off with a great acoustic influence and dazzling sounds. Everything is calm and collected, and the album progresses well. Part & Parcel evolves the record with high intensity and rock charms. There are no vocals here, but plenty of instrumental muscle. Bedrooms begins with brilliant percussion and startling vocals. The band has embedded blunt lyrics into this track too, and they tell dazzling, but revealing tales. Barstool epitomises thrilling rock music, and again, the band reveals all, as the thunderous percussion increases the tension.

Youth League is a talented unit of musicians who care about how their instruments sound. They’re totally at one with their craft, and Somehow Those Were Days is a thrilling effort.

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