Zebrahead – III

Zebrahead epitomise longevity. The rock band has been around since 1996, peppering the musical landscape with their rousing songs. And the band is confident at placing different styles into their muse, and experimentation has become a key component. On their EP III, the band does not change their sound completely, but they’ve tinkered with some notes.

III is a modern take on Zebrahead’s style of rock. The band has written about the world and its problems head on, describing cancel culture and politics. They’ve always been an outfit desiring change and this EP is a collection of songs aimed at the hierarchy. Belief seems to be sliding into murky waters, and the band knows that, so with III they’ve certainly created a rebellious statement.

Every piece of III has been intertwined, interwoven, with desire. The musicality is top-notch too, as the guitars swing into action, as the solos graze the inner workings of brilliance. Well, Zebrahead, as we know, is a group of adept and able musicians, speaking their minds, and playing until their fingers bleed and bodies break.

And Zebrahead seem angrier on III. The lyrics lash and tell stories. They’re portrayed and told through a raging voice. Lay Me To Rest opens the record. Such a commanding track, it showcases the talent of this band in full bloom. The signature sound is there, and it’s loud. A Long Way Down starts with subtle intentions. The chorus is infectious, and its sonically brilliant. Homesick For Hope is a punk dream. Expertly driven, the chugging guitars and ferocious vocals mean business. Out Of Time sticks to the rock formula. The band craves clarity. The riff offers simplicity, but the timing is perfect.

Zebrahead strike the heart and core of the world. They want change in their own lives too, and with III, their battle cry is relevant.        

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