(alternative) rock and metal tracks that will fill stadiums but also give you chills [Single Reviews]

Michigander – “Circles”: Ryan Adams who? With Jason Singer’s roaring guitars and soaring vocals, this anthemic indie rocker has a sound that’s massive enough to fill up an entire stadium, and who’s to say that can’t or won’t happen? TUNED UP is no stranger to covering Michigander’s music, and I am sure we will continue to do just that. That being said, to me, “Circles” is his strongest and most accessible song yet.

The National – “You Had Your Soul With You”: Speaking of indie rock tunes that could fill up an entire stadium, the atmospheric new single from rock stalwarts The National is also one that soars. It’s a different kind of soaring though, one that comes from elements in the background, such as the subtle orchestration underneath and the chilling backing vocals courtesy of Gail Ann Dorsey, known for her lengthy residency in David Bowie’s band.

Rammstein – “Deutschland”: It’s been ten years since the last studio album from East Berlin’s famed metallers, but their seventh LP is finally set to arrive in May, and the first taste of the new effort is nothing short of epic. The driving industrial banger is eerie yet groovy, with an arena-ready riff that fires on all cylinders and in some ways gives me Ghost vibes. In addition to being the most metal song here, “Deutschland” is also the only track with a corresponding music video at this point. You may want to watch the 9-minute short film later, as it’s sort of NSFW. Did you expect anything different though? After all, this is Rammstein we’re talking about.

Saudade – “Shadows & Light”: Saudade is the newest musical endeavor from Deftones’ Chino Moreno, who links up here with “doom-drenched electric folk” singer Chelsea Wolfe and bassist (and frequent collaborator) Chuck Doom. On their own all three musicians are relatively notorious for that “spook” factor in their music, so I was expecting to hear something beautiful but also haunting, and the result is just that. There’s an overwhelming sense of eeriness that drones on and on throughout “Shadows & Light,” a track which alternates between two equally chilling keys yet retains a subtle slickness to it.

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