Belushi Speed Ball Launches Pizza Thrasher Action Figures to Honor Spinelli’s Pizzeria Downtown Legacy

Belushi Speed Ball, the enigmatic rockers, have recently launched a brand new line of action figures called “Pizza Thrasher” that’s sure to add some spice to your living space. These unique action figures are based on the infamous characters from their animated music video “The Spinelli’s Slam,” brought to life by Simon Ampel (known for his work on High on Fire: The Black Plot). The first action figure in the line is the “Pizza Thrasher,” featuring characters drenched in cheese and sauce, and is now available to order on their website.

The band was inspired to immortalize the characters from the music video with one-of-a-kind action figures. The line will also include other iconic Spinelli’s figures, such as the pizza warmer, the Spinelli’s downtown playset, and legendary Spinelli’s Promoters: Alex and Ryan (Gates to Hell, LDB Fest). These limited edition items are the perfect addition to the already impressive BELUSHI SPEED BALL merch store, which includes other items like Safari flapped fedoras, N64 albums, Fingerboards, and 8-tracks, all fueled by 90s nostalgia.

Spinelli’s Pizzeria downtown was a legendary hardcore venue in Louisville, KY, and one of the few all-age venues in the area. Shows were promoted and booked by Ryan Storey and Alex Rhema, who gave a home to many bands that would otherwise have nowhere else to play, and are now considered legends in the Louisville Music Scene. BELUSHI SPEED BALL has captured the essence of the legendary shows in their music video “The Spinelli’s Slam,” combining Simon Ampel’s animation and live footage directed by Beau Kaelin.

Overall, BELUSHI SPEED BALL’s new “Pizza Thrasher” action figures are a fun and exciting addition to their already impressive merchandise lineup. The band’s dedication to immortalizing the Spinelli’s Pizzeria downtown legacy is a fitting tribute to the venue’s importance to the Louisville Music Scene.

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