Bring Me The Horizon Release New Single “Teardrops”

Bring Me The Horizon recently announced their nine-song EP Post Human: Survival Horror is due to be released on October 30th. It features hit singles “Obey” featuring Yungblud, “Parasite Eve,” and “Ludens,” The band just released their fourth single, “Teardrops” via Annie Mac / BBC Radio 1 in anticipation of the EP, and it is clear as ever this band can do no wrong. 

“Teardrops” continues the relative theme seen throughout the EP so far lyrically, surrounding the effects of the pandemic on everyone’s physical and mental well-being. Creating another genius chorus that’s sure to get stuck in your head, the song’s overall message is about our emotional state—being numb to everything around us due to the lack of connection and current state of affairs worldwide. The effects the pandemic has left on those suffering from anxiety, depression, or any mental illness are highlighted in this song, along with the feeling of slipping out of reality. Instrumentally, the song holds some reminisce of Linkin Park mixed with the BMTH production fans heard in previous albums such as That’s The Spirit and Amo. This song is going to be on repeat for a while, really embodying the 2020 “mantra” almost everyone is feeling right now. Having heard about half of the EP now released as singles, I am only more excited for what’s to come on October 30th.

You can watch the music video for “Teardrops” below.

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