Carr and Company – Golden Candle EP

By Ryan G

For about a decade, I’ve known Evan Carr to be an unassuming yet not-to-be-underestimated poet in central Ohio. Over the years, he’s quietly been a part of a number of projects around the indie scene – among them 1001, The Original Soundtrack, and Debris. Enter Carr and Company – this project is a melting pot of experimentation with Carr’s thoughts front and center.

During the EP, Carr’s vocals are steady and sure, only showing signs of waver during peak emotional inflection. In spite of this, I can’t help but be moved. After listening to “Golden Candle” on the EP, I continued my due diligence by watching a bootleg video recording of the group performing the same song at Rambling House. Listening to audio that was probably recorded on an iPhone, I found myself feeling melancholy… on a picture perfect afternoon sitting on the patio of Global Gallery. I forget the hum of friends catching up over coffee and the High Street traffic. The sad first few notes of “Letters to a Young Poet,” carried by the melodic vocals of David Lawley, cause me to space out again.

My appreciation for this genre can’t be mentioned without mentioning that I cut my teeth on several artists that inspired the collective – such as Levi the Poet and a myriad of post rock and post hardcore groups. Carr and Company adds another element into the fray – jazz. The warbling and freaky saxophone is the most prominent during the chaotic, adeptly titled “Formless” (but don’t misinterpret this to mean the song is aimless in its composition). I wish this group was playing Audiofeed Festival in Urbana (not too late to come out and try for the impromptu stage, if you’re reading this Evan!).

This project brings into my field of vision yet again themes of spiritual reckoning and nostalgia. This is something that has been a theme in my adult life – one that I don’t believe is an accident. I even believe there’s a higher power driving it. In spite of an overarching theme of melancholy, it isn’t without hope. This is heard most evidently in the EP ending “Letters to a Young Poet.” As Carr speaks, Sigur Ros-esque keys sparkle in the atmosphere as if to keep your head pointed upward in the midst of a sullen environment.

Carr and Company are a collective that deserves your time and attention. Listen and be challenged and moved.

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