Do you prefer your summer warm or hot? [Single Reviews]

KOPPS – “Planet Bitch”

Releasing their second single in as many months this past Friday, “Planet Bitch” is the title track from Rochester natives KOPPS’ forthcoming EP. The bouncy, blazing banger is quite literally “bombastic, fantastic, and intergalactic,” just as the song’s chorus boasts. Equally fiery in its message, “Planet Bitch” serves as an empowering rallying cry for women everywhere, and does so in infectious fashion.

Michigander – “Stay Out Of It”

Michigander has crafted his poppiest, most accessible track to date in “Stay Out Of It,” a tune which somehow also happens to be the strongest material he’s released yet. Traditionally I would have assumed that a “poppier” song would leave something to be desired, but that can’t be further from the truth here. The warm, vibrant riff is the driving force behind “Stay Out Of It,” an upbeat rocker that feels destined to blow up… or, at the very least, get you to sing along.

future.exboyfriend – “Dead Man”

I stumbled across future.exboyfriend when I was scrolling through TikTok (yes I finally caved and joined the masses) and I just remember thinking to myself “wow, this is a banger. What is this?” Another single that just released this past Friday, “Dead Man” is a fast-paced, blood-pumping foot-stomper with these massive electronics and a singer who gives off low-key Foster The People vibes. As soon as I heard the song, I knew it would be an instant favorite.

Nate Mitchell – “24”

Nate Mitchell is actually a name that may ring a bell for folks familiar with the band GOLDS. Admittedly, I myself had forgotten that their music existed. That is, until I heard the storytelling “24” and started trying to place where I recognized Mitchell’s voice from; thankfully it didn’t take me long to figure it out. In some ways this could draw comparisons to his previous project: electronics-heavy indie with a pop sensibility. Still, “24” finds a way to pack in these fierce rock undertones, something just subtle enough to miss if you’re not listening carefully. Look out, The Band CAMINO.

Laurlyn – “Atone”

“Atone” epitomizes the term “indie pop sad bop” – niche, I know, but we love to see it. On the Charleston native’s debut single, sparse beats contrast with a somber piano riff that reaches this unlikely intensity near song’s end. Meanwhile, Laurlyn’s delicate yet powerful vocals call out fakeness in a way that feels poignant in some moments and pointed in others. My favorite part of “Atone” though has to be the satisfying sense of resolution that comes on its closing line: “and if you ask me now, that’ll be a no from me.” So simple, and yet just genius. If you’re enjoying “Atone” as much as I am, keep your eyes peeled for her next track “Honey,” out August 26th.

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