Premiere: Forstory wants to break up another day [Double Feature]

In advance of competing in the first finals since the return of Indianapolis’ Battle of the Bands next weekend, indie pop quintet Forstory are back with not one, but two hot new tunes. Frontwoman Sydney Frank describes “Let’s Break Up Another Day” and “Another Day” as two parts in the same story, so it makes sense that the two singles are seeing joint widespread release. We’ve got both songs premiering on the blog right now.

The first, “Let’s Break Up Another Day,” is a slow, deceivingly-simplistic banger that is both sleek and sensual. When I initially heard this one, I was actually underwhelmed by what felt like very little going on here musically. The more I listened, however, the more I find these lush yet ever-so-subtle layers interspersed throughout the structure of the song. From the steady stomp and clap of the backing synth beat, to the recurring echo effects placed on Frank’s soulful, powerful voice, to the sultry saxophone solo on the song’s bridge, everything about “Let’s Break Up Another Day” feels effortless. This musical effortlessness and ease makes quite the contrast to the song’s lyrics, which shed light on Frank ending a relationship she didn’t want to end but felt like she needed to. It’s the sort of musical juxtaposition I don’t always hear in pop, so whenever I do it’s a breath of fresh air.

The story continues with Frank deciding to give the relationship a second chance, only to be strung along for a week before getting kicked to the curb herself. “Another Day” picks things up in the story when the relationship is completely over. Frank comes back with a “sassy response” in which she celebrates the feeling of having dodged a bullet, something that’s relatable to really anyone who’s ever been in an unhealthy relationship. There are hints of angst sprinkled in that give off this cathartic vibe to an otherwise-upbeat pop tune. After all, the overwhelming mood of this fun, sax-tinged rocker is one of relief and release. I would argue that “Another Day” is my favorite of the two new songs, but only because it feels more appropriate to blast this one at parties.

You can download and stream both tracks on all digital platforms (“Let’s Break Up Another Day” here and “Another Day” here), and then go follow Forstory on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—and don’t miss the Battle of the Bands Finals, live at the Vogue in Broad Ripple next Saturday, the 15th!

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