Premiere: Sun V Set soothes with “Water Curse”

By Ryan G

I’m always on the lookout for vibey songs that make me think a little bit. So, when the name Sun V Set came across my radar, with a self-given genre of prog inspired dreamy folk, I was immediately intrigued.

The Richmond, VA based trio certainly spend a lot of time pondering life’s big issues. The climate crisis will undoubtedly be a key issue of our time, and this is a topic that’s explored both metaphorically and literally in the context of this song. It’s striking to me that the package in which such an urgent and often anxiety inducing message is delivered is quite soothing. For me, as a person of faith, this resonates with me. Belief in a higher power does not absolve anyone of responsibility of engaging with important issues of their day, but it can (and does) bring peace over acknowledgement that you’re not ultimately in control. As the band communicates in its relational lyrics, the process (and paradox therein) is often painful but necessary.

This is what the juxtaposition of mood and lyrics in this song communicates to me.

The band notes their sound is for fans of Johanna Warren, Grizzly Bear, Jessica Pratt, and Cocteau Twins. I personally would add folk harpist Timbre to that list.

This track is off the groups debut album, titled Curious Wave, which releases October 24th. Follow the band on Facebook here, Instagram here, and enjoy our premiere below:

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