Premiere: Superlaser returns with “Tu Mejor Carta”

In less than a year and a half since releasing their debut single “Interestelar,” Alicante rockers Superlaser have quickly made a name for themselves with their soaring, spacey alt.-rock sound. Had 2020 gone any differently, we might be looking at a world with a Superlaser full-length out already. Still, the quintet has made the most out of the hand they were dealt, and now we all get to bear witness to the sheer adrenaline rush that is “Tu Mejor Carta,” their first single in over a year, premiering right here on TUNED UP.

Energetic as it is electronic and soaring as it is driving, “Tu Mejor Carta” is this powerful, atmospheric rocker that follows largely in the same vein as its predecessors. Guitars and synths hold steady at the forefront while lyrically the song boasts this uplifting, affirming sense of self-confidence and intuition. It is the Spanish natives’ third track released overall, paving the way for an EP and perhaps more forthcoming, so be sure to keep a close eye on the band’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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