Resolve Release Their Latest, Human

Hailing from France, Resolve is back with the follow up to their debut album Between Me And The Machine (2021). Their latest release, Human, further expands upon the sound and dynamics that the band have built as their backbone. Combining varied musical elements creating atmospheric soundscapes layered against contrasting vocals Human is a natural progression for the band as a whole.

Human kicks off with “Human” and wastes no time in the band presenting what they are all about with a solid combination of heavy guitars and ethereal synth/sampling before adding in contrast of both clan and aggressive vocals the track sets the stage for what to expect for the majority of the album. However, there is still a fair share of surprises. “Death Awaits” is a prime example as the track relies on more pop overtones to be the driving force than the opening track. It is still fun and fast paced, but manages to keep the album from becoming repetitive or mundane early in. “Older Days” carries more of a groove that is underlying on the track as a whole which is another one of those previously mentioned surprises. It’s not hip-hop or rapcore by any means, but that groove makes the track just hit differently.

“Continuum” takes a slightly more mellow approach that is almost ballad like in parts. The lighter tone of the track begins to draw some contrasting elements musically on the album as the first few tracks were much more upbeat. The track does still contain a breakdown of sorts which just layers the contrasting aspect of things. “Bloodlust” hits fast and hard starting out and then kind of transcends and finds another groove of sorts that gives the track some additional layering. It is this very layering that adds to the overall gravitas of the album as a whole. “In Stone” tones things down again and more so than “Continuum” as it has more of a stripped down vibe to it without being completely stripped down at all. “Comfortably Dumb” could be considered the equivalent of musical whiplash after “In Stone” as it is such a stark contrast with little to no warning.

“Ignite” finds things back in a more pop sensible arena and feels like it could be the most radio friendly track on the album. The vocal approach stays more on the clean side of things and even the tone of the track feels light and airy in comparison to some of the other tracks. “Move To Trash” finds the band presenting another groove like element that makes the track stand out. The sparce usage of said groove like elements keeps the album from being overly repetitive. “New Colors” carries a unique sonicality to it as the guitar tone feels unique compared to the rest of the album. In addition, the vocal approach is on more of a sonic level, especially on the hook/chorus. The composition of the track hits on a completely different level than any other track on the album. “Moonchild” closes out the album, but as a closer feel a little flat in parts. It is not a bad track, but just lacks the resolution that should be felt as an album closer.

Overall, Human is an intricately composed album that carries a number of surprises from start to finish preventing the album from being too redundant or repetitive. Sure, there are some repeating elements, but they are spread out enough that it keeps the album fresh.

Human is out now via Arising Empire and is available on all major streaming and digital platforms. In addition, physical copies can be purchased via the band’s webstore.

If you are in Europe you can catch Resolve on tour in France during the month of October.

Resolve – “New Colors” (Official Video)

You can connect with Resolve on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (X).

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