Röyksopp Created 10 Short Films to Accompany Their Album

In 2014 Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp declared that their album—The Inevitable End—was their last in traditional album format. Eight years later, they are remaining true to that promise with the release of Profound Mysteries.

Röyksopp have announced that 10 new short films are accompanied with the new record ‘Profound Mysteries’.

The Norwegian duo have also shared details of their creative partnership with the film production company Bacon, who have created a series of bite-sized videos for the artists.

Directed by Andreas Nilsson, Martin de Thurah and Röyksopp themselves, the films have been described as “adding 10 original vignettes to the rich tapestry of the ‘Profound Mysteries’ world”.

“It’s been an exhilarating and gratifying endeavour; we’ve reconvened with old fantastic friends, and we’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with some new, amazing talents.”


Röyksopp photo by Stian Andersen

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