Sky Ferreira Returns with New Single ‘Dont Forget’

After teasing us three years ago with ‘Downhill Lullaby,’ Sky Ferreira has finally returned with “Don’t Forget,” the second single from her upcoming, much-delayed album Masochism

Sky Ferreira unveiled “Don’t Forget,” a lush, powerful new pop single that recalls the sound of her beloved 2013 album Night Time, My Time and previews its long-awaited follow-up on Capitol Records.

“Don’t Forget’ which Ferreira co-produced with longtime collaborator Jorge Elbrecht, marks a sonic departure from “Downhill Lullaby,” her dramatic, string-laden 2019 single that served as Ferreira’s first solo track in over five years.
Full of grungy guitars and the sheen of an ’80s synth pop, “Don’t Forget” pretty much picks up where Night Time, My Time left off. With lyrics about burning down houses and how she’s a “real bad girl,” Ferreira stays pretty true to the glammed up self-loathing and romantic catastrophe that made fans fall in love with her in the first place.

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