Three Sixty Five – Dom Deshawn

Columbus musician Dom Deshawn is back with another inspirational, bouncy anthem. “Three Sixty Five” is a celebration through chaos. Detailing that even when times are presently tough, it’s important to continue to put in work and persevere.

The lyrics detail the many internal and external issues in Deshawn’s life, from being broke to the ailing health of family members respectively. All of this is rapped and sung over a buoyant, summery beat. The song is produced by another Columbus native, KwanLi, who really helps the track float. After the second verse, we get about a minute-long rideout that is also well-deserved.

On his Bandcamp page, Deshawn journaled about how the past 365 have been “pretty crazy,” citing family members’ health problems and personal struggles. When you listen through his catalog, you’ll find that Deshawn is a very open book who lives through his releases. Take his last two projects, the mixtape Last $ummer Broke and EP Tale of Two Seasons. They detail the trials and tribulations that have come after leaving his 9-to-5 and the transitions that come with seasons changing sequentially. This particular track comes on the one-year anniversary of Deshawn leaving his job.

Perseverance is a strong theme throughout Deshawn’s catalog. When I listen to his music, I tend to feel motivated. Deshawn wants people to be go-getters, chasing their dreams and finding happiness in life along the way. Although this track comes at a time in Deshawn’s life when things aren’t totally on the upswing, this song is penned pretty optimistically. One year can change everything, and Deshawn sees brighter, regal days ahead on “Three Sixty Five.”

On the first verse, Deshawn raps, “Laughing at these lyrics when I listen back a year from now.” If you’re searching for sulking, “Three Sixty Five” isn’t the place to look. The past 365 have been incredibly rough on a lot of us, but this track is about pushing through the hardest of times. It’s inspiring to hear Deshawn’s verses. It’s a timely track for us all.

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