Visitor Pass debuts with a song that is more than “White Noise”

By Ryan G

Don’t write off DIY. And don’t gatekeep DIY. Fortunately for us, and everyone else – Amanda Bernstorf does not do either of those things as she reemerges onto the scene with a vengeance with her pop punk banger “White Noise.”

Chris and Amanda Bernstorf are a power couple that embody the spirit of music lovers and makers in community – one that we hope to embody here at Tuned Up. Amanda’s background some readers might recall as one third of the indie/emo trio Amessa. Some might call her new sound pop punk. Some might call it mall emo. Personally, I think we need to bring back mall shows. That would put some folks on the map for sheer novelty factor!

In a band bio, Amanda’s new alter ego is described as a project in which “Amanda hopes to fuse her long-time love of Avril Lavigne, mid-2000’s Paramore, and Taking Back Sunday with a modern amalgam of bands like Eat Your Heart Out, Bad Luck, The Menzingers, and The Story So Far. “

Visitor Pass was created for people who wish they were attending When We Were Young but can’t afford Vegas. Although let’s be real – the emo-high rollers would enjoy this too!

I don’t want to gatekeep, but I am going to make a bold demand. Let’s make “Hot Topic-core” DIY again. I can hardly think of a better entity to be a face of this movement than Visitor Pass.

Stream the single “White Noise” below and keep an ear out for more to come from the Michigan rocker. In the meantime give Visitor Pass a follow on Instagram!

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