a tiger made of lightning – the only way out is through

Metaphorical wonder permeates every line here, every lyrical stroke. Columbus band A Tiger Made Of Lightning, propel with their record The Only Way Out Is Through, and it’s an insightful album, broad in its execution. Screams do come in like hammer-blows, but they’re needed and they’re decisive, and the fast, volatile guitar moments break in with purpose. Though, it’s the story that grips, that is interesting and somewhat unnerving.

These musicians are commendable lyricists, creating stories which aren’t glossy, but tell us that everything isn’t right, that their world is crumbling. The lyrics are thought-provoking and don’t get shrouded by the instrumentals, and while they’re close to the bone and vivid, they have reason and resolution. As mentioned, metaphors are commonplace, and they increase the distinctiveness of this impactful record.

Tenacious too, the band doesn’t settle for the normal world; they look to the stars for answers; they want to build their own piece of land, where serenity takes hold, and bitterness dies, and it’s difficult to feel free these days, in your own mind, and outside it, but this band has found their groove, and their musical calling.

There’s 7 tracks on this release. Screams come in fast on Tonight, We Come To Life, and the thumping percussion adds life. The guitar trickery is volatile and enlightening. Lyrically, the band describes unrest. Damn The Man, Save The Empire yet again depicts dread. The lyrics are seamless, and the instrumentals commit to the cause, while roars and sneers interweave. How Do You Want To Do This offers calm, and it’s a cathartic song. The music then rises into an impactful state. It’s all about loving yourself.

This band knows how to create distinctive songs which aren’t the most upbeat, but they’re lyrically fulfilling.  

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