Anberlin Returns With Their Silverline EP

In late 2014 after releasing a total of 7 albums between Tooth & Nail Records and Universal Republic, Anberlin decided to hang it up and walk away. However, after a few years they decided to “get the band back together” and do some somewhat local shows as openers for Underoath. This paved the way for a round of headlining shows in 2019 and, thanks to the pandemic, a series of livestreams that played through their entire discography.

During one of those livestreams the band announced that they were indeed working on new material with a to be determined release date. In September of 2021 they released their first new track, “Two Graves,” in 7 years.

Now, here we are over half way through 2022 and Anberlin has released their long awaited return in the form of the Silverline EP. Admittedly, I wanted a full length but will gladly accept an EP as the band has stated that this may be 1 of 2 EPs that will culminate in to a full length release at a later time.

Prior to its release we had seen 2 singles in “Two Graves” and “Circles.” These tracks serve as the bookends to the EP. “Two Graves” serves as the opening track and with its release as a single already being 10 months ago it almost feels a bit dated to the rest of the EP. It is a solid track and a great opener, but somehow it doesn’t seem to fit with the overall aesthetic of the rest of the EP. One could almost consider it a warm up of sorts and this could make sense as it was the first track in 7 years for the band.

“Nothing Lost” feels and sounds more like a classic Anberlin track and seems to be the natural progression of what would have come after the release of Lowborn. It has a very full atmospheric sound and Stephen’s vocals shine against the backdrop that the rest of the band has created musically. “Body Language” has a stronger electronic vibe and is considerable slower than its preceding tracks. It’s an interesting track, but feels like it pulled some very strong elements from Depeche Mode (there is a clear “Enjoy the Silence” reference) and Kate Bush which is not too surprising given how big the 80s nostalgia is currently.

“Asking” is another slower track and feels more like a classic Anberlin track that could have come from the Vital or Dark is the Way era of the band. While it may not carry the same musical punch as most of the rest of the EP it still stands out as a spectacular piece in composition and structure. “Circles” closes things out but it feels more like something is missing at the very end. In true Anberlin fashion it has a bit of a long outro, but instead of a classic fade there is a very distinct/abrupt cut. This feels completely out of place given how well the band has crafted their closing tracks for the duration of their career. This could be a clear sign that there is more on the horizon to accompany this EP, but at this point in time it just feels out of place.

Overall, it is nice to see Anberlin back doing what they do as they have always seemed to approach their craft with a unique perspective and created in a way that almost seems transcendent from one album to the next.

Silverline is available now on all major streaming platforms and some limited vinyl available here.

Anberlin “Two Graves” Official Music Video

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