Annisokay Takes Us In To The Abyss, Pt 1

Formed in 2007, Annisokay is a dynamic German rock/metal band that pushes the boundaries of the metal genre as they uniquely incorporate elements of pop, progressive metal and EDM. Annisokay has a penchant for exploring dark moods and themes as their lyrical content tackles human emotion, social issues and the complexities of relationships.

With their blend of heavy guitar riffs, driving drum rhythms, melodic vocals, and aggressive shouts, the band has amassed a dedicated and rapidly growing fanbase across the globe. With the release of Abyss, Part 1 the band is poised to push themselves progressively further as they continue to hone their craft.

The EP begins with “Into the Abyss” which serves as an intro rather than a fully fleshed out track. It does have an atmospheric tone that helps set the stage for what is to come on the EP as a whole as it gradually builds and then fades in to culmination. “Human” follows and gives the first real taste of the EP. The sonic vocals layered atop the musical soundscape carries a unique ambiance that gives the track a very full and lush atmospheric feel. The deeper growls later in the track give it an additional depth as well.

“Ultraviolet” flawlessly combines pop elements with a progressive metal flair and sprinkles in the aforementioned EDM elements for good measure. “Throne of the Sunset” follows and takes a more aggressive vocal approach than the preceding tracks. The more clean vocals are still present and give the track an airier element in parts, but it is the deeper more aggressive tones that really give the track life and depth in its composition.

“Calamity” tends to lean much stronger in to the poppier elements that the band incorporates, but the track does not suffer from it as it still has a very full sound and the mixed vocal approach continues to provide some solid contrasts that is the lifeblood of the EP as a whole. “Time” closes out the EP and is the epitome of a closing track as it carries all of the elements that make the band and EP so intriguing.

Abyss, Part 1 as a whole is a tour de force with the only drawback being its rather short runtime. It is a solid addition to the band’s discography, but easily leaves the listener longing for more. With the fact that is is only Part 1 it eludes to the fact that a Part 2 is inevitable.

Abyss, Part 1 is out now via Arising Empire and is available on all major streaming and digital platforms. Physical copies may also be purchased via the Arising Empire webstore.

If you are in Europe you can catch Annisokay on tour through October with Fixation, Samurai Pizza Cats and To Kill Achilles on select dates.

Annisokay – “Throne of the Sunset” (Official Video)

You can connect with Annisokay on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (X).

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