Born Astray – I Wanted to Show You My World and You Ghosted Me

Cutting themes and burning desire interconnect on this record I Wanted To Show You My World And You Ghosted Me by Born Astray, and the band solidify their presence instantly, pushing their music to the limits while staying humble. There are poppy elements and louder moments on this 9-song collection too, and they’re all crucial to the band and the development of their talents.

Born Astray is definitely a band that is hurting and broken, trying to patch together luck and love, but they’re finding it difficult to see the light. Lyrically, the band describe trauma. They fall into the deepness of travesty, and nothing is plain sailing. Hearts are under strain, hope dwindles, and the trappings of home have taken its toll.

Musically, we’re given pop punk and other notable sounds. Guitars are commonplace, as ever, and the band showcase dexterity. They’re good at what they do, blaring out their feelings and playing until they become tired enough to rest their overthinking brains.

Industry Standards starts the record off. It’s a wild ride, and the vocals come in quickly, while the guitars break through with loud notes. The band describes being haunted.

Not Gonna Say is less abrasive at the start until the instrumentals come in with grandiosity. The band convey through their lyrics love gone bad. The brain is such a complex organ, and these guys are letting it overwork.

Exit Through The Vents begins with grungy notes and brooding vocals. Someone’s dancing through the whirlwind of terror, and the world has become a platform of mistrust. The chorus is fast-paced and pivotal.

Born Astray has created a record that blooms and rises to an almighty level and it takes time for it to decrease into a stable mode. That is what makes it unique.   

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