catch up kids – Self-Titled ep

This sounds like The Offspring of the 90s. A concoction of brazen lyrics and riffs that break the formula lace this EP by Catch Up Kids. The band, offer punk at its fast-paced best, punk that drives home message after message, and punk that certainly breaks trends. Every song is like a portal back to the 90s too, every riff is reminiscent of those unpolluted days, when hope was relevant, and when wearing the badge of the outcasts had meaning.

The songs are all well put together. The guitar presence will remind us of how bands such as The Offspring and Green Day totally redefined punk in the 90s. Those bands brought it into the mainstream, carrying the banner, giving other upcoming acts the template to work upon. Punk had it day in the 70s, 80s, but was never in the mainstream eye. And we wouldn’t have Catch Up Kids if we didn’t have those band’s that totally reworked the genre.

The self-titled EP has volatility, but discerning lyricism which can be a rarity in this genre. There are anecdotes sprinkled into the music, that fast, often harsh sound. By delivering these lyrics, the band has bared their souls. Every lyric has its place, giving us an insight into what they’re trying to say. They want change, and they’re using the punk outlet as a direct source.

The EP starts with Stop. It’s a typical punk song with fast undertones. The story opens here and gives the listener that push into a world of punk and words. Clementines is abrasive, and that sturdy riff manages to keep everything interesting. Smarter Than Science has the signature sound blaring out, and is lyrically cohesive. The riff adds a simplistic, but relevant section. Story To Tell yet again offers great riffs and stories, and it is an engaging swansong.

Catch Up Kids use punk as their way of communicating. Their self-titled EP carries them through the streets of dismay, into a brighter outlook. 

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