Circa Waves – Never Going Under

Circa Waves has built up a respectable following over the years, enabling them to become a powerhouse in the rock scene, and their rallying songs always have that rawness, that burst of energy. On this record, Never Going Under, the band makes progress, big steps into a more rounded sound, a sound which sways with profound messages about the world, and darker themes. Not everything is joyous, or fuelled by exuberance, and the band knows how to construct songs which go deep into the mind.

Lyrically, the act describes crumbling love and political forces coming to close for comfort. Death is a theme here too, and it’s conveyed even on the upbeat songs, the songs which have that everlasting hook, those grooves Circa Waves is renowned for. Though, the songs that have that pull still represent a solid foundation, and they’re poignant.

It is a classy album, this as well as being brilliantly produced, and the band has the knack for building layers within their sound. Never Going Under doesn’t settle for second best either, it breaks boundaries and audaciously goes against the status quo.

There’s 11 songs on this album. Carry You Home is a sheer standout, a song which has everything, those notable hooks, and poetic wordplay. It’s one of the best songs that Circa Waves has created. Want It All Today features a piano segment, and it’s driven with a great bass line. The guitars add dynamism, and the vocal work raises the game. Hold On starts with a commanding riff, and the lyrics are spellbinding here. The story continues as the music elevates.

Living In The Grey is a solemn swansong, and it’s stark and insightful. Lyrically, the song describes growing old and family values. Loneliness becomes a mainstay, too.

Circa Waves deliver their best record yet, one that has a plot, and one that has those memorable hooks. 

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