Five Albums with COBRA: Will Green of Full Blown Meltdown

I first came to know Will Green last year. I kept seeing these posts on my Twitter feed, 365 Days of DIY. Every day for a year he posted a DIY act you should know. Pretty cool, right? I eventually checked his page out and started following him, as I liked what he was doing. I also quickly learned that he is very supportive of the scene, he is always posting about bands and how we should give them a listen. For the scene to grow, we need people like Will Green, so who better to do a Five Albums with Cobra? Oh, and one more thing, he has a band himself, Full Blown Meltdown. I highly recommend checking it out. And give him a follow on Social Media as he is always doing lists. Right now he is on day 15 of 30 bands that are going to be huge, and there are already some heavy hitters on it, and some you may not know. 

Five Albums to sing along to in the tour van

Third Eye Blind: Self-Titled

14 songs long. 14 singles. This album is front-to-back listening every single member of the band will know the words. And if you have someone in your band that doesn’t enjoy this album? Leave them on the side of the road by the nearest Taco Bell.

Taking Back Sunday: Louder Now

This is when Adam and Fred truly hit their peak together. A perfect back-and-forth. Half the van can take Adam’s side, the other half can take Fred’s. Listening back on this album. It’s hard to argue it’s not the best TBS as a whole.

Weezer: Blue Album

Even if you don’t think you know every word of this album, trust me, you do. Van scream-alongs have never been so great. Also a super fun album to sing along to because you don’t have to be good at singing or have a crazy range.

Fall Out Boy: From Under The Cork Tree

Go ahead and pretend you’re too cool for this album in 2024, but we all know the truth. You’ve listened to it 100 times and know almost every word, even to the deep cuts. And even if you’re someone who never gave Fall Out Boy a chance, every human alive knows Sugar, We’re Going Down and Dance, Dance.

Jock Jams vol. 1

I absolutely promise you, if all else fails, go Jock Jams. Instantly lifts the mood.

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