There are heavy Green Day vibes here on this album by Five Hundred Bucks. The band has taken influence from the old stalwarts and beyond, saluting punk as they storm through the scene carrying their songs like pieces of truth. Their sound is reminiscent of good old power chord songs, although a modern twist has been implemented, a fresh new take.

The band does not screen themselves off from being honest, and they don’t spurn any adulation from the punk scene. Their lyrics will also remind us of The Menzingers often melancholic lines, their depressive, but relevant words on struggles, decay, drugs, alcohol, broken love and distant memories. Five Hundred Bucks, tell us that they’re trying to put back together their lives in a swift motion.

Sadness exudes here, and the spirit has cascaded into small fragments on the floor of badly drawn dreams. And this band, is a catalyst for carrying so much in their hearts, so much pain, and we know when we listen to the songs, they’re breaking apart, not cruising along the motorways of their dreams, but close to the cusp of combustion.

Animal opens the record. A good, old, punk riff centres around the dismay, and the drumbeats are like rapid heartbeats. It’s a brilliant start. Standby starts off slowly, with great undertones, and again the sadness becomes a mainstay. The descriptions are poetic. Spinal is a simple punk song, covering all areas, and sparking truth. Lyrically, we’re taken on a journey of inner conflict. There’s no subtlety here. I Wanna Die Young enforces sympathetic lines, and the song carries the punk sound diligently. Velvet Arms carries on the pessimism, and the melody stirs emotion. Every moment should be savoured.

Five Hundred Bucks command the punk room. Their sound evokes emotion and their melodic approach shouldn’t be understated.  

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