funeral for a friend – hours: an emo masterclass

Welsh act Funeral For A Friend released an album in 2005 that would change their lives. Hours was this collection of songs that were more polished than previous tracks, but they still had the rip-roaring intensity the fans had started to love. As the record hit the world, the band were relatively new to the scene, trying to conquer their fears and the cut-throat industry.  

The band did so, gifting the emo scene with emo-tinged songs many would declare as game changers, tracks which redefined a genre. Hours was a blockbuster compendium, scoring tracks like Streetcar, Roses For The Dead, the heartfelt History and Monsters. Those tracks were the main attraction, and fans couldn’t get enough of the dark edge.  

Lead singer Matt Davies sounded rejuvenated when he sang those lyrics which he penned with authority. The lyrics were more poetic and refined, showcasing the singer as a true wordsmith. Those themes that were instilled into the album were arresting but also could be dissected and analysed.  

The guitar moments were on point, soaring and loud. Every instrumental segment blew away the competition, offering burgeoning and timeless breakdowns and progressions. Every emo worth their salt already knew the act was equipped as able musicians anyway, so it was great to see the band evolve even further. 

Emotion was fundamental with Hours, as many of the fans connected to it in such a cathartic way, singing out their throats, and wearing the band’s merch confidently. Through thick and thin, the fans began to follow the band around the world too, as Hours gained acclaim.    

Painstakingly created, Hours managed to muster up a buzz in the music community, not only giving Funeral For A Friend a level up in terms of popularity, but it also gave people an outlet when they felt alienated or fearful.   

Hours really did aid the disenchanted, masking over the cracks in some people’s lives. Yes, it was more commercial, but it didn’t destroy any of the band’s credibility or immense creativity, it only made them more of an outfit to consider.

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