Greywind – Roses Grown in Hell

By capturing the essence of acoustic charm, Greywind, offer us a story bound in emotion and churning regret. The band channel their aggression on Roses Grown In Hell too, and they don’t hesitate to tell us that they’re on the cusp of breaking, as these lyrics which portray utter pain. Weakness becomes a theme, dissolution ventures into the mix, and the act desire truth more than anything.  

For it being an acoustic EP, there’s more to it, an atmospheric, pulsating drive, which will cater for the fans that are accustomed to the louder tones, and the vocals are angelic but rise when the emotion boils over. It’s a dark EP too, one that hits the right notes, sourced from a talented collective.  

Keeping the EP interesting is the main thing, and Greywind uses all their know-how, battling their own demons, and pushing their minds to the limits. It’s not a standard record stealing the light either, as it’s triumphant, prepared with the utmost sincerity.  

Afterthoughts starts the record. It isn’t swollen with hyperbolic lyrics, but words that meld together, and the acoustics are on point, startling at times. It’s a commanding opening. Forest Ablaze opens with acoustic flair and unnerving lyrics as well as a voice of reason. The mask is off, and the dreams are prolonging an undesirable life. 

Am I Asleep starts with a dash of piano. Lyrically the song transports, though it’s an emotional listen, proving the band is disconnecting. It’s about a romantic death basking in war.  

Greywind triumph on this acoustic record. Their emotions show clearly, and their world beats them down, but it doesn’t suffocate the creativity.  

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