Hawthorne Heights – Lost Lights

The rage is spinning out of control, and there is a storm brewing. Through the half-shattered mirror, there’s a man, looking gaunt, and his skin’s pasty, with emo sounds blaring in the background, prompting him to lose himself. Emotion guides the man to the living room, where the music becomes louder, and the band which shakes the room is Hawthorne Heights. They’re an act that has been around for years, creating songs that cut deeply.  

The Lost Lights EP serves up the emo sound we expect from the stalwarts. The lights have no room to shine, as the darkness cuts through, though those powerful guitar moments tune in like a slender piece of hope. Shadows are present everywhere, and the band knows they’ve woken up the demons they’ve kept at bay for so long.  

The Storm Opens the EP. The shuddering guitar lines meld well with those commanding vocals, and the story conveys falling endlessly through a storm of the ages. Dandelions starts with abrasive instrumentals, and the vocal work depicts hopelessness and mistrust. Again, it’s a momentous emo wave.  

Empty starts slowly, but is an emo song, drenched in wordplay. The man on the ropes is empty and colliding with alcohol and the shadows. It’s another well-crafted track, featuring pessimism, and a shot of rock influences.  

Hawthorne Heights shares their fears on this EP. The band is obviously subsiding bit by bit, but they’re keeping their music as fresh as ever. 

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