hex poseur – hearsay

Enigmatic singer/songwriter Hex Poseur stands amidst the roar. Her anger has become frantic, but her stance as an honest musician rings truthfully. And her style is daring, thought-provoking, and seriously diverse. 

As a garage rock artist, she takes influence from many acts, many artists, and the punk scene as a whole. The attitude she shows doesn’t become suppressed at any time either, and it’s her intention to show the world her tattoos and her soul. 

Behaving badly isn’t her style, and the music she has designed will remind the outcasts that they have a voice. This isn’t rebellious music, though, it does spill over into frantic moments. Punk makes its mark. Gritty vocals stick well, and the lyrics show that this could be war. Hex Poseur triggers her mindset, and it spills into the music, revealing everything from the past. 

Bright Ideas starts like a Nirvana song. Grungy and punk infused, it shows Hex Poseur’s range as a vocalist. The guitar sound isn’t overly intrusive, it just beats enough. Gimme Something Better opens slowly, and the demons come out to play. The riff solidifies this punk effect. Violent Little Things isn’t intense, but it has that punk fuzziness. Hex Poseur sings her heart out. 

Not for the pop fanatics, Hearsay demands attention from the lost and the disenchanted. 

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