HolyName Releases Much Anticipated Self-Titled Debut

It’s been nearly 2 years since we got our first tease of HolyName with the release of “Meet Me Somewhere Quiet” via Facedown Records. Over the remaining course of 2021 and 2022 HolyName released an additional 5 singles all leading up to the culmination of their self-titled release.

For many that are familiar with the Facedown Records roster and the musical career of Tommy Green they have been waiting patiently for his musical return since Sleeping Giant called it quits back in 2018. I’ll admit that I never fully “got” Sleeping Giant (still don’t really), but appreciate a few of their songs scattered throughout their discography. Personally, I’ve never cared much for the phraseology of “violent” or “aggressive” worship, but there is something about HolyName that just hits on a different level for me.

The album opens with the aforementioned “Meet Me Somewhere Quiet” which sets the stage for the album as a whole (and is nowhere near quiet). In my opinion, it is the most “worshipful” track on the album and showcases a solid dynamic of heavy and light throughout. “Creed (Rev Gang)” follows and includes 1 of 7 guest spots on the album (xDeathstarx). “The Sect” and “Fall On Your Knees” follow suit and both include guest spots as well (Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter and Brook Reeves of Impending Doom respectively). It is to note that all of these tracks are previously released singles over the past couple of years so they may be considered nothing new to those familiar with HolyName or Tommy Green’s body of work.

“Open Skies” ushers in the middle section of the album, but is more of a “filler” track or interlude of sorts than a fully fleshed out track. “They See” follows and fully embraces the “aggressive” worship moniker and features Michael Felker of Convictions. Even in it’s aggressiveness there is a melodic undertone that is interwoven throughout the track and plays strongly into the heavy/light dynamic that has been a mainstay on the entire album. “Celestial” continues the heaviness and features Joe Musten (Beloved, Advent) playing even further in to the heavy/light aesthetic. It almost feels as if each guest spot expands on the previously featured spots within the diverse mixture of dynamics they each bring to the table. “Perpetua” rounds out the middle portion of the album and is a bit more mellow in comparison to the prior two tracks and is another of the previously released singles from 2021.

“Mr. Millstone” (featuring Brook Reeves again) is another interlude of a track bringing about the closing chapter(s) of the album ahead of “My Way.” “My Way” is the last of the previously released singles and carries a similar vibe to the album opener “Meet Me Somewhere Quiet” and is another of the small grouping of tracks to not feature a guest spot of any kind. “Follow” could be considered more of a outro intro as it serves to be an intro to the final track on the album. “St. Dismas” closes out the album and features Nothing Left and brings more of the heaviness seen in the middle of the album. It serves as the perfect bookend to the album opener.

HolyName has been a long gestating and highly anticipated release for new and loyal fans alike of Tommy Green and Sleeping Giant. It is passionate, reflective, raw and honest from start to finish. It is chock full of guest spots, but not so much so that it feels overstuffed or bloated in any way. Each guest spot flows intricately with the overall construct of the album and bring in various dynamics as previously mentioned.

HolyName is available now on all major streaming and digital platforms or you can purchase physical copies via the Facedown Records webstore.

HolyName – “The Sect” (ft. Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter)

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