Interview and Single Premiere: Fake James Introduces “B L K L Y” to the world

By Ryan G

With how warped time has been the past couple of years, I can’t recollect how I initially got connected to the writer and artist Taylor Odishaw-Dyck, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have a vague sense that Twitter was involved. Anyway – Taylor has always struck me as a guy with a big imagination who is very deliberate in what he puts out into the world. That’s been evident to me in his writing, and now its evident to me in his songwriting.

The Neo Soul of his project Fake James is many things. Layered. Soothing. Pensive. Introspective. The list goes on.

So, it was obvious that TUNED UP had to sit down with Fake James. A bit meta, maybe, since he writes on our team; but as editor I think his sound is worthy of coverage. Get to know Fake James a bit more below, and then stream the single, which is off his EP Ocean Radio Pt. I, due out December 16th.

TU: Explain the moniker Fake James.

Fake James: There’s a short story and a long story.

The short story is that there are already so many successful artists named James, I figured there must be room for a “Fake” one.

The long story contains the true origin of the idea itself. I learned about the reason behind Chet Faker’s alias, whose real name is Nick Murphy. He named himself after American Jazz artist Chet Baker, as an homage to Baker’s unapologetic vocal approach.

In leu of this discovery, I started to consider what artist I could pay tribute to through my moniker. The first artist who came to mind was James Blake, but James Fake didn’t have much of a ring to it, so I landed on “Fake James.”

If your sound was a cocktail or beverage, what would it be?

I would compare my sound to a Raspberry Ale—smooth and summery, but with a kick.

Does Fake James have an aesthetic? If so, what?

The Fake James project maintains a mysterious aesthetic. The music is always moody and emotionally dense, plus the branding goes along with this theme.

What could Fake James’ mission statement be?

To forage gems of joy and make a positive impact on anyone who needs it.

What is a bucket list act Fake James would like to open for?

I would love to open for solo producer Bearcubs. He has inspired my style in many ways.

What would be the ideal setting for a Fake James show?

The best Fake James sets happen in mid-sized club-style venues. Fog machines, good people, a big sound system, and a feverish anticipation buzzing through the audience as we set to hit the stage.

What excites you in the music industry today?

The streaming era excites me, because no matter where you are located, if you market your music in the right way, you can supplement the quality of people’s lives with your artistry, and all they need to do to help your success is press play on your music.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Oh man, there is so much planned for this project in the coming 2-3 years. Starting with an EP release on my birthday December 16th, another EP in February 2023, and then some summer singles. After that, there will be some cool surprises on the horizon as well.

What is a favorite quote of yours?

I heard a powerful quote in the show Mr. Robot years ago, and it stuck with me:

“I place myself in alignment with the things that I want

I dissolve all false messages

My beliefs create my own reality

All of my dreams are coming true right now.”

Stream the new single below – and then follow him on Instagram and Bandcamp.

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