Jackie – Hey Angel

There is a certain groove to the new EP Hey Angel from Jackie, a band playing the right notes. Their style and grace propel them to the heights here, and their music entertains but also brings forth melancholy. Not everything seems fine. The world is thinning, dreams are withering, and hope seems to be breaking down like an old engine. And on this EP, Jackie means to engage, to thwart bad responses, and make their music do the talking.

The music chimes in, it arrests the soul with acoustic flair. Lyrically we’re taken on a journey of reflection and hard truths, broken memories that hit like pincers. The subject allures for its darkness too, and the moment when it all comes together is a joyous one. The EP doesn’t dip in quality, ever. It delivers on all fronts, musically and lyrically, leaning on subtlety and treasured moments, good and bad.

My Best Years starts the EP off with stern vocals and rousing riffs. The chorus demands attention, and it describes the downsides of life and the breakdown of a relationship. It’s melancholic. Right This Time (Don’t Wanna Be) elevates the record with its punchy vibe, and the acoustic backdrop soothes. The chorus signifies a call for help. Filter becomes the ballad of the EP. It’s sad, but lyrically brilliant, bringing a poetic edge to the record.

Jackie is an immensely talented outfit. Their music hits hard, and Hey Angel isn’t filled with replication, as every song spearheads originality.

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