KYD Creates Music from the Heart

Gabrielle Solange: Hey, KYD! Your new song, October, is fire. I remember when I first saw you perform in Oklahoma and felt there was something very pure about you and that your music could really go far. I’m so excited to be in on the journey and I’m happy to introduce your music to the Tuned Up community. Tell everyone about yourself. Let’s start with your name, “KYD” … What’s the meaning?

KYD: I appreciate that, and I appreciate you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself to the community. A lot of people assume KYD to be an acronym for a deep and meaningful phrase but the name “KYD” really is a nickname that’s stuck with me since I was an actual kid. In a lot of the places I was in, I was always the youngest, so most people just called me “kid”. I didn’t want people to associate me too closely to Kid Cudi, so I changed it up a bit turning the “I” to a “Y”.

Gabrielle Solange: That’s pretty cool and simple. Well October is a unique name for a song. What’s the story behind it?

KYD: …For the entire month feeling straight heartache and isolation. Around the beginning of October, I hit a point where I was just like… this feeling sucks. I remember the day I made the song. It was a few years back. I just remember being in my room. I loaded up this beat from my homie, Arcane, and just started singing. I had nothing written. I just had the feeling and plenty of thoughts that kind of developed into lyrics. I decided to add extra instrumentation to make it more cinematic. Shoutout to Noah Dennis for that – great composer.

Gabrielle Solange: What’s your creative process like?

KYD: My creative process really comes straight from the heart as cliche as it sounds. I never write lyrics down. Everything I’ve done so far has just been freestyles. Different takes have different flows, so I just splice them together like a puzzle.

Gabrielle Solange: Like I said before. Pure. So where are you originally from and what started you on this journey of creating and sharing your music?

KYD: I’m from Tulsa Oklahoma. I started my journey creating music because I found it to be a way to turn the negative things I was feeling into something positive.

Gabrielle Solange: That’s the powerful thing about creativity. I totally relate. What is your greatest accomplishment in your music artist journey so far?

KYD: I like to separate my music accomplishments from my artist accomplishments. So far my greatest accomplishment in my music journey would be the 21k organic streams that I’ve gained on my song Right or Wrong. Out of all my songs, that was the one that I think stuck with people the most.

As far as my greatest accomplishment as an artist, reading my supporters’ messages expressing how my music brought them peace and resonated with their own experiences. It’s rewarding to know that the emotions I put into my songs have deeply connected with others.

” It’s rewarding to know that the emotions I put into my songs have deeply connected with others.”

Gabrielle Solange: Where do you want to be in the next couple of years?

KYD: In the next couple of years I wanna be in Cali, in the office of my record label “No Connection” working to help the next generation of artists.

Gabrielle Solange: Who is your dream collaboration?

KYD: My dream collaboration would definitely be with Frank Ocean. He is a very big inspiration to me as well as Dijon, and Childish Gambino.

Gabrielle Solange: What do fans and supporters mean to you?

KYD: My supporters mean everything to me. They are the driving force behind my passion, providing inspiration and a sense of purpose. Their connection and appreciation for my work are really what keep me going.

Gabrielle Solange: Do you have anything exciting coming up that fans should look out for?

KYD: I have a new EP titled ALT, releasing this coming year. It is the second part to my EP I dropped last year, ESC. ALT is a multi-genre project of songs produced on my own. It is largely alternative – hence the name.

Gabrielle Solange: Where can people find you?

KYD: People can find me on Instagram at kyd.888 and also on my website.

Gabrielle Solange: Any closing remarks?

KYD: In closing, I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to share my musical journey. Through my music, I strive to connect, inspire, and evoke emotions that resonate with listeners. I am committed to continuous growth and authenticity, and I look forward to the continued journey of creating art that speaks to the hearts of those who appreciate it.

Author: Gabrielle Solange

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