Little Visits Debuts With “Tomorrowtown”

Out now, Detroit-based pop act Little Visits has debuted with premier single “Tomorrowtown.” It’s angsty, modern pop that feels appropriate for the summer. It’s a late-night-drive, burn-off-steam, neon downtown type of song that feels like it could find its place on a show at some point. The retro aesthetic on the single’s artwork seems fitting, as there’s something undeniably nostalgic taking place here. This is neither an 80s wannabe nor an inane pop anthem; it feels genuinely sentimental, even distressed at times. There’s certainly always a place for thoughtful pop songs in the world, and Little Visits is primed to take lead on giving life to these types of tracks.

Formed in a small suburb of Detroit, MI, Little Visits is the brainchild of alt-pop anti-hero Noah de Leon. Comfortably blending programmed drum beats and sparkling synths with skillful guitar riffs and his smooth, saccharine vocals, de Leon is not afraid of wearing a broad array of influences on his sleeve—even if it means paving a fresh, unfamiliar road for listeners. His leading efforts are supported by various collaborators & band members from the Detroit area, giving a full-fledged, technicolor live interpretation to his sleekly-produced studio cuts.

The debut single “Tomorrowtown” explores the conflicting excitement of young love that feels as familiar as it does nerve-racking & unexpected—not unlike the song’s multicolored instrumental landscape, which marries soft-strumming guitar layers reminiscent of ‘Bends’-era Radiohead and a driving electro-pop-rock backbeat. “Tomorrowtown” is the first of multiple singles to be released this year under the Little Visits moniker.

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