Low Phase Releases Angsty Indie Bop “Sideline”

“Sideline” is a sort of amorphous track—it begins with a fair mix of pop-punk and modern surf influence, which would bring plenty of appeal on its own. But add in claps, backing vocals, and a guitar solo, and you’ve got something else altogether.

Grand Rapids’ Low Phase show plenty of personality on their debut single. “You said you said you’re getting sober for my birthday,” the song opens. There’s a certain exhaustion here, a sense of obligation to give into each demand.

It’s paired with powerful grooves—vocal and instrumental—that gives the track a fun, poppy edge. It’s not what you might expect from the cold, cold north. But it’s a strong song that plays with layers and production in a way that gives the recording a distinct edge over what might otherwise be challenging to replicate live.

Since this is the group’s first release, the bar is set high and fans can expect more music soon. Follow Low Phase on Facebook and Instagram; and listen to “Sideline” below.

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