Noise – Not Until Tomorrow Night

Glasgow act Noise expertly drives home riffs that are technical and creative, pushing the limitations of indie rock. By doing so, they’ve garnered such a following for their stab at sincerity, their chase for notability, though there is no arrogance here, but pure musical prowess and a ride into melancholy.  

The band knows how to write stellar songs, tracks that convey days spent in rooms where love deflates, and the world seems too much to face. Lyrically, the act blows down normality and repetitiveness, pulling at their talents and gifting us work. That means something.  

Another feature on this record is that the band doesn’t hold back in telling us their hopes and dreams, though in this world, they’re hard to reach at times. From the beginning of the record, we get an insight into the band’s feelings and their motivations.  

Victor starts the EP off with volatility. These guitar lines are technical, and the song depicts trying to escape a part of your life you don’t like. There’s so much ingenuity here that it’s remarkable.  

One Year is an acoustic dream, though the themes describe the loss of love, the ongoing feeling of dread. The band is in their element here, musically and emotionally. The percussion is a highlight too.  

Waltz captures the essence of this EP. The band play hard and fast and show their talents seamlessly. The song spearheads true evocativeness, and the band has undone themselves here, showing their sombre side.  

Noise breaks the norm with Not Until Tomorrow Night, an EP that is intelligent and story driven.  

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