OHIO ON TOP: Five recent singles from Ohio Artists that I can’t stop listening to.

Child of Night-The Fool: Child of Night is a Columbus/Pittsburgh/Brooklyn-based Post-Punk/Darkwave act. Amongst today’s post-punk acts, they might be one of the best, and this latest single shows why. The music is as haunting as ever and the timing is excellent as we are gearing up for spooky season. But it’s just not the music, it’s the vocals of Niabi Aquena that stand out here. She has this magical way of pulling you in and not releasing you until she is ready. I love it!!! This is their second single in a few months, I’m not sure if they are dropping an album soon, but if they are, we are in for a treat based on this song.


James Michael Meadows-Just Waking Up: We all look for aspects of a song or artist when listening to music. Two of my biggest are songwriting and vocals. James Micheal Meadows has always had both, hence two of the reasons I enjoy his music. His latest single is outstanding. It showcases what a talented songwriter he truly is and his voice, that voice, he has a voice that just puts you at ease. It’s just so soothing. He has an incredible way with words, he could write a song about a piece of grass that would make you feel something. His writing is just that good and powerful.

Cash K. Allen-Fretboard: Every once in a while I come across an artist that blows me away. Right now that’s Cash K. Allen. At just 16 years of age, this singer-songwriter from Toledo writes as if he has 30 years of life experiences, if you want proof, start here with Fretboards. His writing brings to mind musicians like Tim Barry, Chuck Ragan, Frank Turner, and others in that vein. The first time I heard this single I had to listen to it 5 times, it’s just that good. If you are in the Dayton area, he is playing Blind Rage Records(a great record store by the way) on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, with Fred Mascherino of The Color Fred/Ex-Taking Back Sunday, Joe Anderl, and Paige Beller.

A Tiger Made Of Lightning-Grungetooth: First thing, I need to know what a grungetooth is. It sounds like something I may be into, who knows? Anyways, this single is freaking outstanding. A Tiger Made Of Lightning just gets better with every release. Sometimes I feel it’s hard to pinpoint a genre on these guys, and I’m all about it. They can go between genres like nothing, that’s the case here. It starts with a slight 90s rock vibe with a pinch of early 2000s rock before the chaos takes over. The chaos is the post-hardcore sound they are known for. This is the second single off their debut album that drops next month on the 13th. The next night they have the release show at the Ole Pizza Dungeon.

FiveByFive-Reflections: FiveByFive is a rap-rock band based in Columbus. Right off the bat, I am transported back to the early-mid 2000s. This single would have fit perfectly on the radio between Linkin Park and Crazy Town. But that’s okay because we have them now and I’m all for it. I love a good throwback and that’s what this is. You can and will dance, bounce, and mosh to this single. It’s a really fun song, even as it is about a real issue. Sometimes we have/need to take a look back to move forward.

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