Pearl diver – Looking For The Light

Featuring brooding vocals and engaging guitar work, as well as lyrics that tell stories of yesteryear, Look For The Light by Pearl Diver, is a masterclass in song writing. The snappy instrumentals also invigorate, capturing the essence of rock music, pushing this band to the forefront of their cause. Those solos are engaging too, showcasing the band’s talents for innovation, and the whole EP makes for a great listen, when you may be feeling lost in your own doubts.

The spine tingling acoustic charms bring the music to the summit of perfection. The soft vocal work enhances the development too, and this collection may be a sad inclusion in the rock world, as at moments the lyrics tell tales of a lost soul and dreams sliding into obscurity. Though, this is the case, not everything is toned down or subdued, as the music has the power to lift up the most saddened human being.

Calm music like this is inspirational. There are no sudden movements, no brashness, but well-equipped musicians playing their music with energy and assertiveness. And Pearl Diver does deliver music that describes the grasp demons have on them, and lyrically, they convey the loss of self, and the overwhelming feeling of lost desire.  

Look For The Light starts the EP. A beautifully created acoustic vibe pulses through, and the vocals come in gently. The production here is sublime. Give It All Away is an acoustic track brimming in lyrical verve and it challenges emotion. Colours are draining fast. You Can Bring Your Darkness is more upbeat, but the words convey otherwise, as despair becomes a frequent ailment. That acoustic sound is a mainstay. It’s the most revealing song on the EP.

Pearl Diver do not disregard emotion on Look For The Light, they embrace it head-on.

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