Photo Gallery + Review: The Antlers’ Hospice Tour

Photos and words by Samantha Skapin

Last week I got the chance to check out The Antlers play their album Hospice in full in the gorgeous Athenaeum Theatre.

Between the dimly lit chandelier, the silence in the room, and the melancholy sounds of Hospice being played acoustic, it was impossible to get a shiver up your spine.

Original members Peter Silberman and drummer Michael Lerner powered through most of the set with very few breaks, playing note-worthy songs like “Kettering,” “Bear,” and of course closing out Hospice with their song “Epilogue.” Siibermans’ voice echoed throughout the room and you could literally hear a pin drop (and probably the shutter of my camera) from how quiet and attentive the crowd was to hear these songs played in front of them.

They took a quick break after playing the album in full to come back out and play a few others from previous releases such as “I Don’t Want Love” and ending the night with “Putting the Dog to Sleep” off of their album Burst Apart.

This night was truly magical and it was incredible to see such a great album performed ten years later to a crowd as attentive as the one in Columbus’  Athenaeum Theatre.

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