pillow queens – name your sorrow

Pillow Queens is a force to be reckoned with, and the band has the tools to stride even further in an industry heavily bloated and mismanaged. Their album Name Your Sorrow is a musical journey through suffering and hopelessness. Although the band doesn’t cascade like a line of dominoes, they flourish in their pain.  

Lyrically, the act paints pictures and diligently creates momentous vividness. It’s like a piece of literature every record, too, one that doesn’t clam up or become hyperbolic, and the story keeps on racing hard, matching up to the best, as every piece of the fable catches on, and the band has written an album special in sound and focus. 

Cursing the world at times, Pillow Queens has written memorable choruses and segments worthy of the highest acclaim, while the staggering vocal work pieces it all together majestically, and many bands could learn from these dynamics, as well as these wonderful lyrical forays.  

February 8th begins the record. High-powered drumbeats interweave with engaging vocal work, and these fuzzed-up guitars ultimately win. The lyrics are genuine and point to the inner core of pain.  

Like A Lesson begins with a sturdy guitar riff and then the clean vocals come in slowly. The story keeps on going, vivid and wrapped in sorrow. Musical dynamics are a sensation.  

Friend Of Mine is a slower track, a stable, enlightening portrayal of friendship. The sound has the power to embed, the power to grasp on. This band has the power.  

Pillow Queens is a band on their way. Name Your Sorrow is a genuine classic in the making.  

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