Premiere: Slow Coming Day returns after 15 years to “Speak Now”

By Ryan G

On July 1st, alternative/emo favorites Slow Coming Day reunited at Audiofeed Festival in Urbana IL to entertain the Alt-Christians and elder emos who grew up in the 2000s Tooth and Nail Records era. Little did those in attendance know that this heralded a bigger comeback from the band.

On August 25th, Slow Coming Day will release The Lost Tapes via Steadfast Records and Fair Vaux Recordings. It’s a compilation of raw songs. Frontman Orion Walsh explained in a press release, “A lot of these songs were rejected by our label at the time due to the lyrical content… these songs are about real life… things that really happened.” The songs come from an unreleased record and include some bootleg recordings from the famed Cornerstone Festival of old.

Tuned Up is pleased to be premiering the lead single from this project, titled “Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace.” Take a watch below:

Once you’re done listening, check out our interview with the band at Audiofeed Festival 2023.

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