Premiere(Single): Brave face-Greyscale

December 1st, 2022 is a date I will not forget for a while. That was the first time I saw Columbus, Ohio-based post-hardcore band Brave Face. I was instantly a, and so was the crowd. I remember hearing others in the crowd saying how sick they were. My first thought was, “Wow, I feel like I’m at a basement show in New Jersey in 1996-2003.” If you don’t know that ear, look it up. Some great emo and post-hardcore bands came out of that scene.

When it came time to write our Ohio Artists to watch in 2023, they were a no-brainer for me. Turns out that was a good pick. They had a stellar 2023. They played some great shows and grew their fan base.

With having said that, here is the premiere of their debut single, “Greyscale”

Brave Face is comprised of:
Ryan Eliot-Guitar/Vocals
Gabriel Coffing-Drums

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