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Steadfast is the annual Tuned Up extravaganza in Columbus, OH. We have 10 curated artists for you this year that we think you’re gonna love. We’ll spare you a long drawn-out intro and just tell you why you think you’ll love each of them.


This band is a fusion act from Boston that blends pop, hip hop, R&B, and rock to create one high energy extravaganza that ought to have something for everyone. They’re known for their singles “Stupidfreak,” “Working on Lovin” and more. Get ready for a shredtastic time. Fresh off a tour with Australian psychedelic act Ocean Alley and an appearance at the renowned Boston Calling Festival, this is their debut festival appearance in Columbus! They play in the music hall around 9:30PM.


Maryland House, the latest LP from the Washington DC outfit may end up being one of my most spun of the year. Their sound is nostalgic and fresh all at once. Their sound is the happy medium between The Band Camino and Arctic Monkeys, delivered with a sense of approachability hard to deny. They play in the music hall around 8:30PM.


Moony is a rising name in the Nashville indie/alt scene that is quickly building a reputation centered around his high energy shows and glam inspired persona. Moony is here to rock you and make you move. Do not miss this set. He plays at 7PM in the music hall.


Blucone is based in Columbus and seamlessly blends synthpop and R&B with a rock attitude. This blending of genres along with frontwoman Sophia Rosado’s vocals (she makes it look easy) is a compelling and formidable combination. Expect a cover or two you might not predict from the band, but rest assured it works! Don’t miss vibing with them at the midpoint of the evening on the Music Hall Stage.


One time frontwoman Julia Crow explained to me what bubblegrunge was after I made fun of it on Instagram (I and many others had WTF reactions to that term when it popped up on my Spotify Rewind). This genre also isn’t entirely out of line in describing what the band sounds like. Add in a dash of surf rock and a whole lot of wholesome approachability and The Fifth House is sure to win you over.

Photo by Michael Furman


Initially I knew Terry Tertiary as the curator of SoFar Columbus, but he’s so much more than that. Community oriented is an understatement and made him a surefire booking for Steadfast this year. The trio promises a set full of peace, love, vibes, and a little bit of spoken word. Can you tell we love the word vibes? Are you sensing a theme for this year?

Photo by BlazingChakrams


This Columbus indie pop artist is the alter ego of Zeppelin Schindorff, someone I knew as a passionate fan and dedicated supporter of the local scene well before the launch of his music project. I’m not entirely sure how to classify his sound other than indie pop, but others have compared him to Glass Animals. If you thought Columbus was only an indie rock town, think again.


Fun fact: Heather Evans was the first local artist to ever submit an inquiry to Tuned Up. We replied, and reviewed her EP Out of the Woods. That was back in 2012. Today, the songwriter has her sights set high, and has a down to earth way of mixing songs about everyday life with epic situations. She plays second on the Charlie’s Stage.


AJ is a hustler. I’ve seen him at multiple indie music shows locally that have largely flown under the radar of the bigger scene, always ready to network, support, and discover someone new. AJ embodies the steadfast spirit with his involvement in the Columbus scene. His sound mixes singer-songwriter ambience with a bit of classic rock. Catch him kicking off the Charlie’s Stage solo at 6pm.


This rising local DJ is known for her radio program Peaks and Valleys, which is less about over-the-top club beats and more about transporting you to another place. We believe this will be a sublime ambience for the Charlie’s Stage and appropriate for an evening closer after the big sounds of the Divine Timing band. Grab a drink from the bar and vibe out from 9-10PM.

Check out a playlist of this year’s artists and a selection of bands from previous years below:

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