By striking punk with a hand of greatness, punk band Ramones came out of the dark, dingy, provocative crevices of New York, and blazed an almighty trail for bands to follow. The enigmatic unit, praised by critics and punk fans alike for their brand of snotty nosed drama, exploded onto the scene with their debut album in 1976, and when it dropped, it didn’t cause a scene, but was hailed for its quick, breakneck, fuzzy, output.   

The songs on the record were fast-paced and edgy, evocative and punchy, and the band had taken the 3-chord template to new heights. By doing so, the act had given those 3 chords a makeover, never diluting their craft or adding any fads or hyperbolic tendencies. From the beginning of Ramones, the music catered for the disenchanted and the broken, giving them a piece of artistry to scream about in the unhealthy, overblown, districts of New York city.   

Yes, the album was simple in its structure and chord progressions, but what it had was energy and vigour. Sometimes critics of the time were too picky and shrewd when it came to punk rock as a genre, often labelling it as being too safe.   

Critics aside, the self-titled release held a hit, a song that put the band well and truly on the map. That song was ‘’Blitzkrieg Bop’’ and it would go on to be the most recognisable track the band ever produced. Those fuzzy, compact guitar lines were perfect for the rousing vocals, and the story beneath all the shuddering instrumentals rang true.   

The song of that time drew the punks away from their usual ideals, and it gave the industry a shake-up. Lyrically, it was aimed at the authorities, the higher powers who were sapping New York as well as further afield.   

Another hit, ‘’Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement’’ shook open punk fever, and its infectious beat, rattling, quivering, guitar line, simply engaged, and Ramones had this knack of creating those powerful, intricate, guitar moments that clicked seamlessly. Rough and ready, they weren’t flawless or complex, but they epitomised punk in such an unglamorous, and funky fashion.   

With it being a debut album, it was truly worshipped and the influence it had on many acts who were starting out was unparallelled and Romanes triggered a punk rally, really, pushing the genre to new heights, using their music as a base for the world to take notice.    

New York was going through an eventful time in the 70s, and people needed something to keep them from being stuck in limbo. Punk rock became the best medicine, an outlet, that carried so much in terms of credibility. It began as a small blemish, and then grew into an extraordinary movement, and the Romone’s as a collective paved the way.   

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