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By Ryan G

Today, I’m feeling inspired to sharpen my critical thinking on electronic music as I sit here sipping my blood orange tea in Roosevelt Coffeehouse. My beats of choice this afternoon come from Redfield, a UK producer on Diplo’s imprint Higher Ground.

Redfield is everything you know and love about house music in one three song dance package. It’s just the right combination of 4/4 beats, catchy melodies, and depth in composition I’d look for.

This EP as a whole has an invitational feel to it. It’s something I’d play at a party where I know people are looking to get lit, but need a badass warm up to get folks on the dance floor. I’m not much of a dancer myself, but it’s not easy to control myself from bobbing up and down in this cafe. Especially “Never the Same.”

Indeed, Redfield packs a punch in under 10 minutes. It’s enthralling but not over the top. And, several playlist curators seem to agree; the themes I see on Spotify range from Ibiza (thanks, Mike Posner) to simply bass music. To think I just clicked on a press email on a whim and decided to write once I knew I would like it! Which was pretty quick. But, it’s nice to see that more seasoned curators also agree with my novice assessment that, indeed, these beats are fire.

I have a friend who curates deep house music events who recently relocated from NYC to Columbus. I’ll be passing this name along to him.

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