Relevant Discoveries: A Columbus Trio

Words: Ray Cobra

Yesterday Kids – The latest band to join the Columbus pop-punk family. And let me tell you they are going to make some noise, as they are not new to this. Bethany Myers sung and played guitar in The Scratches, Kyle Gordon played bass in Hello Heartless, Pete Mako has his own solo project and is currently in Roxy Mae and the group is rounded out by drummer Chad Kessler. The first element that stood out to me was the sound, it’s a nice throwback to pop-punk of old. The pop-punk that I grew up on. Secondly the dual vocals of Pete and Bethany are outstanding. Based on the songs I have heard, I can only imagine what they are going to be like live. Speaking of them live, their first show is next Wednesday the 13th at Donatos Basement.

Momtalk – This is the folk-punk project of Kaylor Martel. I first came to know of Momtalk earlier in the year when a friend, Knox Fields mentioned he recorded the EP of a friend of his. A few weeks later I was at a show, and guess who opened? Yep, Momtalk. I was instantly a fan and once home went a listened to the ep. Since then I have seen Momtalk few times and each time I leave a bigger fan. He recently released his debut full-length, It’s Your Birthday. If you are a fan of AJJ, Ramshackle Glory, and such then you will dig this.

Moon – If dreampop is your poison, then you are going to love this. Moon is the solo vehicle of Jack Sipes. If that name sounds familiar to you local folk, then it should. He has been in bands such as Dry Bones, Snow Day, and presently Deathsong. The cool thing about all of them, is the fact how different they are, so I’m not surprised that Moon is what it is. Moon’s debut album, You Snuck Me Into Your Darkness was released last Friday, and it was pretty much all I listened to over the weekend. As one that loves weird ambient music, synth pop, joy division and music of the nature I was instantly drawn to this project. I for one am excited about this project and am looking forward to what is next.


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