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This is intelligent punk rock from a band that doesn’t hold back. Reminders shock the system here, forcing their way through the unwanted noise, and place their music like a weight on the shoulders of the world. The music fascinates too, breakneck in its execution, loud in its inspiration, and infectiously poised. And Reminders aren’t a fashion statement or a band that fight tooth and nail for a magazine cover feature. Rather, they’re an outfit that has fought to get out of their own rooms to get their music heard.

This is DIY punk rock at its best. Punk that has intelligent lyrics weaved throughout telling us stories of broken potential, heartbreak, and unstable intentions. Reminders are so sophisticated, for being snotty nosed, and sincere. Sincerity doesn’t come along easily, as it has to be worked upon and shown to the world. This band knows how to create highly raucous pieces of sincerity—songs about life and its obstacles.

Best Of Beach Punk doesn’t adhere to rules or conventions. It goes its own way, like a traveller with an audacious plan. It has a heart and a face that doesn’t look pretty, but we don’t expect elegance. We expect riffs, dirty riffs and hardened percussion, ragged vocals, and we get all that here. And at times, we get a subtle version of Reminders as they don’t shy away from melody.

Opening song “Post Paris Blues” is loud and frantic, frenetic, and charged. The lyrics tell tales of depressive notions. “Picturesque” is a brilliant track, detailing broken memories and clichés with an epic bass-line and riff in the background. It’s an intelligent swoop for attention. “Waiting On You” draws out the acoustic vibe, and the track bursts with sentimentality. “Victoria” is certainly a love story and a fight for affection, and the abrasive guitar riff augments the song from being a ballad into a face melting swansong.

Reminders is one of those punk bands that are tuned in and intelligent. Their music actually tells us stories amidst the waves of sound.   

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